The marble trout (salmo marmoratus) is spawning in November and December. The mostly more dark colored males fight for the females. They dig out the sand between the stones to place their eggs.

Also it’s seen how invasive species like rainbow trouts interfere with the spawning of the endemic marble trouts. Besides that we witnessed also big floods. Usually in the winter time it’s too cold for heavy rain but due to global warming the average snow level raised about 700m in the past decades.

The spawning season of 2021 was exceptionally good and we could see many couples aiming to reproduce! But also it is way too warm and one bigger flood could wipe out the next generation before it was even born.

These beautiful slow motion scenes where recorded over the last five years on the Soča river and its tributaries for the production of our award winning 4K-HDR documentary movie “Emerald Paradise – Fly-Fishing in the Soča Valley”.

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