• 3 days fly-fishing in remote canyons, 4 nights, all-inclusive
  • Wild and adventurous fishing spots, comfortable accommodation, good food

Tour Description:

As the name says it is the fly-fishing tour for adventurers. If you are sporty and into climbing down deep canyons you will be rewarded with wild fish and stunning nature, mostly untouched by humans. On the first fishing day you will be on the Koritnica River. It is as beautiful as the upper Soča but with more difficult access and less people fishing. On the second day you will enter the Canyon of the Učja river. What’s on the plan can also be called „upstream canyoning“. Natural born marble trouts and hybrids are to be expected in an astonishing scenery. It continues with climbing on the third day when a heritage Jeep will bring you on closed roads in the National Park to fish the most hidden and beautiful place, the upper Tolminka. Included is a visit at an alpine cheese farm, lunch packs, catering, modern and comfortable accommodations. 

Tipp: Combine with Tributaries Exploration Tour. This is dangerous, only book if you are in very good condition, good wading and able to sometimes climb over rocks. 

Starting from: € 1.690.- (2 People in Double Room, no transfers)


Tour Details:

1st Day:

Check in/Welcome at Hotel Sanje ob Soči and enjoy a good local dinner at a nearby restaurant.

2nd Day:

After breakfast you meet the guide at the hotel. Together you will drive to the Koritnica river (Bovec) which was partially closed for fishing in the past. It has only limited accessibility therefore less people but its as beautiful as the upper Soča river. In order to not interrupt your fishing you have a cold lunch by the river with local products. After that you keep on fishing and in the evening you have another dinner at a good local restaurant.

3rd Day:

After the warmup in climbing rivers with difficult access, now starts the real adventure! You meet with the guide by the Učja river. Since this is a canyon with just a few access points on more than 6 kilometers you place one car at the end point. Without knowing where to climb down to the river you will risk your life! That’s why only experienced guides can take you there. Accompanied with a lunchpack you will spend the whole day by the river. Again this day you will see a place like it’s from a different world and all wild fish. Sure at the cost of some sweat. After that you have another good dinner at the local restaurant.

4th Day:

As final highlight of our tour we grant access to our most precious gem, the upper Tolminka river. Meeting your guide in Tolmin, you will have a special day with a local driving you with his heritage Jeep Willy’s from 1941 on closed roads into the Triglav National Park. As the day before you climb down into a steep canyon and will see one of worlds most beautiful places that is very fragile. Fishing there depends on perfect conditions but you will also be rewarded with local specialties cooked for you by the river. After climbing through our wildest canyon you will end up at an alpine farm and see how they make world famous traditional cheese. Back down in the valley you enjoy another good dinner at a local restaurant.

5th Day:

Check out after breakfast.

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