• 3 days fishing on 6 tributary rivers, 4 nights
  • Diverse fishing styles and small creeks, accommodation made for fishermen, exclusive local food

Tour Description:

Besides the Soča river there are many equally beautiful tributaries. This tributaries fly-fishing tour takes you to the biggest one, the Idrijca, with all its smaller ones. Its about diversity in fishing and the exploration of rivers not so well known. Combined with an accommodation with owners dedicated to fly-fishing and a selection of specialized guides for different rivers and fishing styles. On the first day you will fish on the Bača river and its two small tributaries, Kneža and Koritnica. It should be even some time left to spend some hours on the Idrijca directly in front of the hotel. The second day you will experience a very special tributary, the Trebuščica, with stealthy stalking after big marble trouts and later on fish the best part of the lower Idrijca. On the third day you will be fishing on the trophy section of the upper Idrijca, including its tributary the Kanomljica. All this will be accompanied by traditional local food and a visit at the fish farm.  Starting from: € 1.320.- (2 People in Double Room, no transfers)

Tour Details:

1st Day:

Check in/Welcome at Hotel Zlata Ribica and enjoy a good homemade local dinner.

2nd Day:

After the breakfast you meet the guide at the hotel. With just a short ride you will enter the Bača Valley and start fishing on the first tributary, the Kneža river. Its a wild small creek where only dry-fly fishing is allowed. As next stop you spend more time with dry-fly fishing on the Koritnica river which is as beautiful. With a lunchpack provided by the hotel you won't have to interrupt your fishing day and continue on the Bača river with good chances for a bigger fish. In the evening you can even continue fishing on your own on the Idrijca in front of the hotel until they will prepare another good local dinner for you.

3rd Day:

Again after the breakfast, you meet the guide at the hotel. Within a short ride you arrive at the precious Trebuščica river. Stealthy stalking after big marble trouts in this small river is something extraordinary and challenging. For lunch you visit a rustic local restaurant and then continue on the Catch & Release section of the middle Idrijca. Another homemade dinner will be prepared when you are back at the hotel.

4th Day:

As the days before you meet the guide at the hotel. Today you will be fishing on the trophy section of the upper Idrijca. Starting at the beautiful Kanomljica river you will then visit the local fish farm for lunch. After that you continue fishing on the Idrijca with good chances for a big marble trout. Back at the hotel they will prepare you a famous local specialty.

5th Day:

Check out after breakfast.

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