•  Day trip, guided tour
  •  Fish Farming, history of the region and marble trout, good lunch

Tour Description:

The Marble Trout Knowledge Day is a day trip for enthusiasts who want to learn more about this unique species and modern fisheries management. You visit the fish farm of the Slovenian Fisheries Institute and the museum of the Battles of the Isonzo. Have good food before walking into the famous Tolmin Gorges where you will also see the special Zadlaščica river. Starting from: € 190.- (per Person)

Tour Details:

In the morning you meet one of our most experienced experts in fish farming. You will have an explanation and see how marble trouts, graylings and other species are raised. Sure you have the chance to ask questions. As next stop you visit the near museum where you also have a guided tour. You will find out what almost led to the extinction of the marble trout. After that you have a good lunch at a nearby restaurant. In the afternoon you have a walk on your own into the famous Tolmin Gorges. There you will, besides the beautiful Tolminka gorge, also see the almost inaccessible Zadaščica river. It was the first river where researchers found remaining pure marble trouts in the 80's after the war and hybridization.  

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